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Saving Space In Your Laundry Room

Saving Space In Your Laundry Room

The Recessed Dryer Vent Box is a hot growing trend in helping to clean up the aesthetics of the laundry room as well as provide some additional inches of space.

This product gets attached to the wall studs in new home builds or laundry room renovations prior to the drywall being placed over top. Once the installation is completed, the remaining visual is a recessed box that the dryer duct gets inserted into, allowing the dryer to be placed directly up against the wall. In addition to the great space saving feature it helps to protect the duct from being crushed behind the dryer.

Dryer Vent Box

This item is intended for the professional or experienced do-it-yourselfer who is familiar working with in-wall duct work and/or with gas lines in the case of gas clothes dryer applications. Contractors will appreciate the sleek styling and unique features of our dryer vent box which make it easier to work with then many other models in the market. These features include:

  • Built in draft blocker to help reduce cold air back draft
  • Oval to round duct adapter threads onto duct requiring no clamps for installation
  • Suitable for gas and electric dryer applications

The finished appearance it brings to the laundry space will surely please the home owner.  To find out where you can purchase this product please visit our website.

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