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Laundry Rooms Take Center Stage

Laundry Rooms Take Center Stage

More new home builds these days are taking the laundry room from the traditional basement setting and moving it onto the main floor or upper floors of the home.

While it’s certainly convenient to have the washer and dryer more accessible in your daily living spaces, most floor plans end up sacrificing space in order to accommodate this luxury. This equates to smaller laundry rooms to work in, often being placed in what were intended as mud room areas and even spaces on upper levels that were deemed for linen closets.

UD48 Space Saver Duct

In smaller areas every inch counts and Dundas Jafine offers a number of space saving products that can be used to gain more precious inches by keeping your dryer as close to the wall as possible. The Adjustable Aluminum Space Saver Duct is rectangular in shape instead of being round like standard versions. It’s ideal for tighter fitting clothes dryer applications. While traditional round ducts can find you having to position your dryer 5” or even 6” from the wall in order to accommodate them, the space saver duct allows the dryer to be placed just 3” from the wall. It also comes in two different variations – the traditional 90 degree outlet as well as a straight outlet version for ducts running through the ceiling. To find out where you can purchase this product please visit our website.

Features and Benefits

  • For use in tight fitting clothes dryer applications
  • Allows the dryer to be placed only 3″ from the wall, for optimum space utilization
  • Two piece aluminum construction
  • Extends from 28″ – 45″ in length

Saving Space In Your Laundry Room