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A Look At Different Air Diffusers

A Look At Different Air Diffusers

If you think all air diffusers are created equal then its time to take another look.

Dundas Jafine’s Air Diffusers are offered in a range of sizes that are suitable for in-wall applications (as in our 4” size) or suspended ceiling applications (as in our 5”, 6” and 8” sizes).  This product allows for fresh airflow from room to room and features a lock nut for easy and secure air flow balancing. Unlike other air diffusers in the market our product is sold as a 3 piece installation system – the main body, a flange collar and locking ring which aids in suspended ceiling applications.


The durable clips on the back of our air diffusers make it very easy to secure the product to a suspended ceiling. They require no studs for installation and the smooth, clean finish also allows for easy cleaning and dusting on a regular basis.


Features and Benefits

  • Allows for fresh airflow between rooms
  • Ideal for in-wall or suspended ceiling applications
  • Includes flange collar and locking ring for suspended ceiling applications
  • Features locknut for secure airflow balancing
  • Requires no studs for installation
  • Smooth finish for easy cleaning

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