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UL Classification

UL Classification


A look at our various UL listed products and how they can help to keep your home safe

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a trusted resource across the globe for product safety certification and compliance solutions. They have created more than 1,000 standards for safety, some of which Dundas Jafine complies with in order to ensure our products are safe for public use.

Ducts fall under various UL classifications and it is important to understand what the various classes mean and how to properly and correctly use them to ensure safety within your home.

UL 2158A is a standard developed for clothes dryer transition ducts. UL has published detailed documentation for what this standard entails and it’s important that only transition ducts listed under UL 2158A should be used to vent your clothes dryer. Dundas Jafine’s UL 2158A marked products carry a silver UL label on the duct that identifies this listing.


UL 181 is a requirement applying to materials in the fabrication of air duct and air connector systems. The differences between an air duct and air connector lie in the testing they undergo by UL and as a result, the allowed uses by code.

Air Ducts are required to pass 15 various tests by UL as part of the listing process and some building codes further limit the run length. Air Ducts can be easily identified by a rectangular shaped UL label on the product.

Air Connectors only have to pass 12 tests by UL which do not include a flame penetration, puncture or impact test as part of the listing process. A connector is limited to shorter run lengths and can not pass through a wall, floor or ceiling. Certain building codes may also enforce additional limitations so checking the local code is important to ensure all compliances are being met. Air Connectors are identified by the round UL label displayed on the product.

Products falling within the Air Duct and Air Connector categories are also further classified as either Class 0 or Class 1. If designated as class 0 they will be made of all metal with a surface burning characteristic of zero. Class 1 designations have a flame spread index not exceeding 25 and smoke-developed index not exceeding 50



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