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Truths and Myths About Clothes Dryer Fires

Truths and Myths About Clothes Dryer Fires

Improper dryer venting is a common safety problem and can put your family at risk. Here are a few tips to keep your clothes dryer running safely and efficiently.

Duct Cleaning

  1. Use UL approved dryer ducts to help prevent dryer fires. UL approved ducts, either flexible or solid, are recommended in laundry rooms because they are fire resistant. If a fire does start, a UL approved duct is more likely to contain it. Dundas Jafine offers a range of UL approved ducts such as the ProFlex™ series

  2. No matter which kind of duct you have, you should clean it regularly. Remove the visible lint from the lint screen each time you use your dryer. This will not only reduce the risk of a fire, but your clothes will dry faster and your dryer will use less energy. If dryer film is a worry, there is certainly no harm in occasionally cleaning the lint filter with warm soapy water and a small brush. At least twice a year, you should deep clean the transition duct of your dryer with a Drill Powered Duct Brush. This can be done in only 15 minutes. Click here to see how.

  3. Clean inside, behind, and underneath the dryer, where lint can also build up. See how this can be done with an Appliance Brush.

  4. Take special care drying clothes stained with volatile chemicals such as gasoline, cooking oils, cleaning agents, or finishing oils and stains. Wash the clothing more than once to minimize the amount of these chemicals on the clothing, and air dry instead of using a dryer.
  5. Avoid using liquid fabric softener on cotton clothing made of fleece, terry cloth, or velour. In flammability tests, liquid fabric softener added to rinse water accelerated the burning speed of these fabrics. If you want a softener, use dryer sheets instead.


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