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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Spring is here and this is the time of year that everyone is washing windows and siding, sweeping and pulling weeds from the garden. It’s also a great time to add dryer vent cleaning to your list.

While working outside the house, you may notice that your dryer vent cap is damaged or covered with lint and other debris. Dryer vent maintenance and repair is necessary if the weather or small animals have caused damage. Check your dryer vent to make sure the flaps open when the dryer is running and close when it is off. If you need replacement parts, Dundas Jafine offers many option of covers and caps. 

It is also important to keep in mind that it is not normal for even older dryers to take more than one cycle to dry a load of laundry. This is a sure sign of an air-flow problem, likely caused by lint build-up in the dryer transition duct. This build-up can start a house fire and even act as a fire accelerant. spreading the flames out of control through the home. Dundas Jafine’s Dryer Lint Removal Kit and Drill Powered Duct Brush are easy to use tools that will help keep your dryer ducts clean, increase your dryer’s air-flow, save energy and improve your dryer’s performance. Most importantly, it will help keep you and your family safe from dryer fires.

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