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EzFix Replacement Vent Cap & Gasket Kit

Dundas Jafine’s EzFix Replacement Vent Cap and Gasket Kit is ideal for situations where the existing exhaust cap is hard to remove or hard to replace. This product allows you to install a new vent cap right over top of the existing one. Since your old vent cap remains in place, it ensures no damage will occur to the siding, brick or stucco through the removal process of the old one.

The EzFix Replacement Vent Cap and Gasket Kit includes a 4” ProVent™ Louvered Exhaust Cap, one gasket that fits over any 4” existing cap and a second gasket that fits over the back collar of the new ProVent™ Cap.

The ProVent™ Cap features a 3 louver damper system that helps to prevent cold air backdraft, snow or rain from entering the home. The louvers are cammed to allow for easy pivoting and to help prevent sticking and the recessed caulk line on the cap assists in maintaining a clean caulking application. All ProVent™ products have a UV resistant coating to prevent the cap from discoloring and are paintable to match the exterior of your home.

The gaskets included in this kit can be used in conjunction with our ProVent™, ProGard™, EzAccess™, and ProMax™ caps.


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Product CodeProduct DescriptionSizePack QtyPackaging Type
EZFXZWEzFix Replacement Vent Cap And Gasket Kit – White Cap4"8Retail Carton / Cut Case

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