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Semi-Rigid Aluminum Ducts

The semi-rigid aluminum duct is ideal for applications where code requires an all aluminum product.  This duct is totally non combustible with a maximum operating temperature of 435°F.

Dundas Jafine is now pleased to offer a new UL Listed & Marked version of the semi-rigid aluminum duct.  This particular duct is UL2158A listed and marked and can be used in applications where the dryer manufacturer calls for a UL version of an all aluminum product.  The UL duct is thicker than the standard version and new manufacturing technology incorporated into the duct allows for easy rotation and therefore more durable handling of the duct by the contractor.


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Product CodeProduct DescriptionSizePack QtyPackaging Type
MFX38Semi-Rigid Aluminum Duct3” x 8’10Bulk
MFX38XSemi-Rigid Aluminum Duct3” x 8’10Bulk
MFX38XZWSemi-Rigid Aluminum Duct3” x 8’12Bulk / Cut Case
MFX45XSemi-Rigid Aluminum Duct4” x 5’10Bulk
MFX46C2XZWSemi-Rigid Aluminum Duct With Collars4” x 6’16Bulk / Cut Case
MFX48Semi-Rigid Aluminum Duct4” x 8’10Retail Bag
MFX48ULXZW2158A UL Listed & Marked Semi-Rigid Aluminum Duct4” x 8’16Bulk / Cut Case
MFX48XSemi-Rigid Aluminum Duct4” x 8’10Bulk
MFX48XZWSemi-Rigid Aluminum Duct4” x 8’16Bulk / Cut Case
MFX58Semi-Rigid Aluminum Duct5” x 8’6Retail Bag
MFX58XSemi-Rigid Aluminum Duct5” x 8’6Bulk
MFX58XZWSemi-Rigid Aluminum Duct5” x 8’6Bulk / Cut Case
MFX68Semi-Rigid Aluminum Duct6” x 8’4Retail Bag
MFX68XSemi-Rigid Aluminum Duct6” x 8’4Bulk
MFX68XZWSemi-Rigid Aluminum Duct6” x 8’4Bulk / Cut Case
MFX78XSemi-Rigi Aluminum Duct7” x 8’5Bulk
MFX88XSemi-Rigid Aluminum Duct8” x 8’4Bulk

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