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Galvanized Steel Worm Gear Clamps

Dundas Jafine’s Metal Worm Gear Clamps are ideal for use with semi-rigid or rigid aluminum ducts.  They are made of heavy duty galvanized steel and are ideal for fastening ducts to aluminum pipes or elbows.




Product CodeProduct DescriptionSizePack QtyPackaging Type
MC3ZW 3”Metal Worm Gear Clamps3"50Bulk / Cut Case
2MC4E2pk Metal Worm Gear Clamps4"20Retail Bag
MC4X 4” Metal Worm Gear Clamps 4” 200Metal Worm Gear Clamps4"200Bulk
MC4ZW 4” Metal Worm Gear Clamps 4” 50Metal Worm Gear Clamps4"50Bulk / Cut Case
2MC5E2pk Metal Worm Gear Clamps5"20Retail Bag
MC5ZWMetal Worm Gear Clamps5"25Bulk / Cut Case
2MC6E2pk Metal Worm Gear Clamps6"20Retail Bag
MC6ZWMetal Worm Gear Clamps6"20Bulk / Cut Case

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