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Fire Safety Month

Fire Safety Month

Ensuring your ducts are clear and free of lint and debris provides a number of benefits to your home and family.

Reduces Risk Of Dryer Fires An obvious benefit of cleaning your dryer duct is the reduced risk of potential dryer fires occurring. It’s important to regularly check your dryer duct to ensure there is no damage, kinks or blockages that would prevent the clear flow of air to pass through. Clearing lint from the exterior cap and making sure it opens and functions properly is also an important aspect to reducing the risk of fire and assisting with overall dryer safety.

Improving Dryer Efficiency Bottom line – a clean duct will help save you money. Running your dryer with a clogged dryer venting system is the equivalent of tossing all that energy and your money right out the window. When lint or debris cause build ups, it puts a burden on your dryer forcing it to work harder to dry your clothes. Often times it could take 2 or 3 times longer for your clothes to become dry when blockages occur.

AllergensA clogged dryer vent can become a breeding ground for hidden allergens in your home. Mold can develop when water pools inside the dryer duct and is unable to evaporate and vent outside due to a clog or blockage. This can compromise the air quality and result in the development of respiratory issues.

Fire Safety Month calls for us all to be At Home Heroes! By performing simple maintenance of your dryer venting system you’ll assist in keeping your dryer running smoothly and help to keep your home and family safe and resting easy.

Take on our Challenge and WIN a $50 VISA Prepaid Gift Card! Share a photo of your dryer venting system being cleaned (dryer duct, dryer components or exterior exhaust cap) for a chance to WIN 1 of 5 $50 Visa Prepaid Gift Cards!

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