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Get To Know Your Customer Day – 2021

Get To Know Your Customer Day – 2021

Trent Metals (2012) Limited is a Canadian Company with 13 locations across Ontario under TML Supply Company name. Today we’re excited to learn a little more about the company and how they’ve been successful through these pandemic challenges, from the Purchasing Manager, Terry Perilli.

Can you tell us a bit about your company and how you’ve had to change / adapt during these past 1 ½ years due to the pandemic?

At the onset, like most other HVAC wholesalers, we weren’t sure what our inventory levels would look like and watched the market take a negative turn as government laws came into effect. Towards the latter half of 2020 we found certain products were harder to maintain stock of as parts were delayed and even up to July 2021, we are still seeing a slowdown in almost all our product categories from a delivery standpoint. However, through all these challenges we were fortunate enough to still successfully execute the opening of 2 new branch locations.

Are you expecting your business to adopt any new practices as the “new norm” moving forward?

Business will not be able to continue moving at the pace it has during the past 1 1/2 years. We will have to closely watch the previous years’ usage, prior to the pandemic, and adjust our inventory, sales approach and strategy accordingly as the market slows down and sales begin to decline in Canada.

Hockey, Basketball, Soccer or Football? What’s your sport and which is your favourite team?

“Being in Canada, definitely the NHL and I’m a Boston Bruins fan.”

What’s the one thing you can’t wait to do once the world opens back up again?

“Looking forward to being able to travel again.”

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