Metal Duct Connectors

Dundas Jafine’s family of Metal Duct Connectors are used to attach 2 pieces of flexible duct together. The 4” versions are also ideal for extending the exhaust

Dryer To Duct Connector

Dundas Jafine’s Dryer To Duct Connector has been designed to offer a safe and efficient way to connect your dryer duct to the back of your dryer.  This 2 piece

Dryer Lint Clean Out Connector

Dundas Jafine’s Dryer Lint Clean Out Connector is designed to connect two 4” pieces of dryer duct together.  This product provides an easy connect / disconnect

Draft Blocker

Dundas Jafine’s Draft Blocker helps to prevent cold air from entering the home through the dryer duct.  This product is molded from high impact plastic and fits all

Aluminum Repair Rolls

The Dundas Jafine Aluminum Repair Rolls are ideal for use on roof or chimney flashing and excellent for repairing heating and cooling ducts, eaves troughs and

Aluminum Elbows

Dundas Jafine’s Aluminum Elbows can be used to vent most types of heating units.  This product features an all aluminum, 4 piece construction and is fully adjustable

Air Filters

Dundas Jafine Permanent Air Filters offer a replacement for traditional glass fiber disposable filters.   These filters are washable and reusable and can last for

Plastic Duct To Duct Increaser

Dundas Jafine’s Plastic Duct To Duct Increaser connects two ducts together, allowing you to increase your 3” duct to a 4” duct size.  This product is ideal for