ProClean Dryer Lint Removal Kit

Dundas Jafine’s ProClean Dryer Lint Removal Kit helps cut the drying time, increases the dryer’s performance and reduces the risk of dryer duct fire by removing lint

ProClean Drill Powered Duct Brush

Dundas Jafine’s ProClean Drill Powered Duct Brush can be used to help remove lint build up and debris in your dryer duct and other general ducting. This product can be

ProClean Appliance Brush

Dundas Jafine’s ProClean Appliance Brush is ideal for cleaning around your household appliances as well as inside your dryer’s lint trap.  The tapered design allows

Extend-a-Vent Air Deflector

The Dundas Jafine Extend A Vent Air Deflector is ideal for redirecting air when a register is located under a piece of furniture. This register is made from durable

Air Deflector

Dundas Jafine’s Air Deflector helps keep air away from plants, furniture and drapery.  The register is made from high quality, durable plastic and comes complete with

Magnetic Vent Covers

Dundas Jafine’s Magnetic Vent Covers are used in conjunction with metal floor or ceiling air register vents and help to improve air distribution in the home by closing

Metal Pest Barricade Screen

The Dundas Jafine Metal Pest Barricade Screen helps to prevent unwanted pests from entering the duct or home through the outside wall vent. This screen clips on to older

Metal Increaser And Decreaser

Dundas Jafine’s Aluminum Increaser and Decreaser are used to connect 3” – 4” ducts together. They are offered with either a 3” crimped end for increasing the