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Flexible Insulated Air Connector – Black Jacket

Dundas Jafine’s Flexible Insulated Air Connector is a listed and marked UL 181 class 1 air connector.  This connector is ideal for use in general ventilation applications including heating, air conditioning, intake and exhaust.  The Insulated connector helps to reduce heat and cool loss as well as condensation build up that can occur in non-insulated ducts.  Features include a polyester core and black polyethylene jacket.  This connector is offered in R insulation factor of 4.2.

Under ULc this product is no longer listed and can not be sold in the Canadian market. Please refer to the Flexible Insulated Duct – Silver Jacket as an alternative



Product CodeProduct DescriptionSizePack QtyPackaging Type
XPC325Flexible Insulated Air Connector – Black Jacket3” x 25’1Standard Carton
XPC410Flexible Insulated Air Connector – Back Jacket4” x 10’1Standard Carton
XPC425Flexible Insulated Air Connector –lack Jacket4” x 25’1Standard Carton
XPC525Flexible Insulated Air Connector– Black Jacket5” x 25’1Standard Carton
XPC610Flexible Insulated Air Connector – Black Jacket6” x 10’1Standard Carton
XPC625Flexible Insulated Air Connector – Black Jacket6” x 25’1Standard Carton
XPC725Flexible Insulated Air Connector – Black Jacket7” x 25’1Standard Carton
XPC825Flexible Insulated Air Connector – Black Jacket8” x 25’1Standard Carton

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