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General Air Distribution

ProVent™ Intake Hoods With J-Channels

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Dundas Jafine ProVent™ intake hoods feature a fixed louvered intake system that allows fresh air to enter the home.  Additional features include a recessed caulk line to assist in a clean caulking application and a “Snap On” pipe to cap assembly that eliminates the need for lint trapping staples. The molded screens help prevent pests from entering the duct.

The j-channel that accompanies this product mounts onto the exterior wall prior to installation of the vinyl siding or stucco. It provides a secure, easy to install flush mount that channels away moisture from the substrate and the vent hole. It also allows for quick and easy cap replacement in the future.

All ProVent™ products have a UV resistant coating to prevent the cap from discoloring and are paintable to match the exterior of your home.



Product Code Product Description Size Pack Qty Packaging Type
JIH4BXZ ProVent™ Intake Hood – Brown 3" 12 Bulk
JIH4WXZ ProVent™ Intake Hood – White 3" 12 Bulk
JIH5BXZ ProVent™ Intake Hood – Brown 4" 8 Bulk
JIH5WXZ ProVent™ Intake Hood – White 5" 8 Bulk
JIH6BXZ ProVent™ Intake Hood – Brown 6" 8 Bulk
JIH6WXZ ProVent™ Intake Hood – White 6" 8 Bulk

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