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Aluminum Elbows

Dundas Jafine’s Aluminum Elbows can be used to vent most types of heating units.  This product features an all aluminum, 4 piece construction and is fully adjustable to 90°. Includes one crimped end and one solid end to ease assembly.

The E432 Heavy Duty Aluminum Elbow is made of 0.016” gauge aluminum which is thicker than our traditional elbow.  This heavy duty elbow offers more rigidity to the application and better handling to the contractor.



Product Code Product Description Size Pack Qty Packaging Type
E3E 3” Aluminum Elbow 3" 50 Bulk
E3E24ZW 3” Aluminum Elbow 3" 24 Bulk / Cut Case
E432 4” Heavy Duty Aluminum Elbow 4" 32 Bulk
E4E 4” Aluminum Elbow 4" 50 Bulk
E4E24ZW 4” Aluminum Elbow 4" 24 Bulk / Cut Case

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